Update on full KYC Biometric process - NiyoX

Hi @md_naveed ,

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We have escalated the issue to the concerned team and we will ensure your biometric verification is carried out smoothly.


MANISH KUMAR account activet

I having trouble requesting KYC verification for this Platinum Card :pensive:. I have rescheduled the visit 4 times but neither recieved any OTP nor i have been contacted by any of your executive. Kindly do the needful.

Hey @sajanzerif ! Welcome to Niyo community. We’re happy to have you onboard :airplane:.

Sorry you had to experience this hiccup. Not to worry, I’ll followup and try to get your Full KYC completed at the earliest possible.


Well thank you. Appreciate that👍

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Trying to complete my KYC but it keeps redirecting me back to the fetch agreement page.

Hi @Manish_Kumar8 ,

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We observe your onboarding has not completed yet, could you please confirm if you are having any challenge with it?


Hi @Apoorva_Mathur ,

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Looks like you are trying to complete the registration for your investment account. Kindly write to investments@goniyo.com so that the team can help you right away to complete the registration process


Full KYC issue unable to complete… agent not come for full kyc… last 4 days trying

Hey @Sameer_Thorat ! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community. We’re really sorry you had to experience that. Not to worry, we’ll make sure to carry your Full KYC process smoothly the next time…


@Bansari : Its been a month since I first raised my concern regarding KYC but till now I have not received single message or mail or any info regarding this…
may be its time to get the KYC done from equitas rather than waiting

My kyc visit is not done even though it was confirmed by agent

Hey @Dev84 ! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community. You can reschedule for Full KYC from the NiyoX app. If you still face issues, feel free to reach out to our in-app support team and we’ll pick it up from there.


I’ve applied for kyc. Instead of agent visiting me I visited him. Agents are very rude. I’ve travelled around 50 km to visit him,that costs me around 500 rupees. Even after that kyc is not completed. It’s too sad and cheap. Biometric machines are not working,and the agents are very rude, they are charging around 300INR for completing kyc.Niyox Saids kyc is free

Hey @Hmmm_Kk ! Oops, looks like you’ve encountered another bump. Not to worry, I’ll take it up and follow-up for you…


The Full KYC Agent Visit is not happening at all.

I scheduled the visit originally scheduled for September 13th, 2021. The agent did not turn up. I wrote an email to niyox.escalations@goniyo.com, and a ticket 1033392 got generated. They asked me to reschedule one day after September 13th, 2021.

I promptly rescheduled to September 16th 2021. Again, the agent didn’t show up. I followed up on the ticket: 1033392. They gave me a web link to enter my details. The visit got automatically rescheduled to September 19th 2021. But nothing happened on September 19th 2021 too.

I filled details on the web link on September 20th 2021. No response from anyone till now, not an email nor an SMS.

I did not receive any KYC PIN number, which I was promised on each reschedule attempt by the NiyoX app.

I am receiving multiple marketing emails on NiyoX’s features, Invest Change, 7% Interest, so on - the most important KYC completion is not happening though!

Not sure if this is how NiyoX works, or if all of this is normal/expected.

I think my patience is being tested by NiyoX at this point in time. Dear NiyoX - is there anything I can do to improve our interactions with a view to set things in order?

Hey @nsarathc ! Welcome to :niyo_community:iyo Community. We’re happy to have you onbaord :airplane:.

I understand that your Full KYC process hasn’t been very smooth. We’re really sorry for the same. However, not to worry Sarath, let me pick it up from here and will try and get your Full KYC completed at the earliest.


I had booked like 10 times for full kyc visit but the agent daily calls and cancels the visit saying that they dont have the machine to complete it , so they cancel the process but i recive a message that they tried but im not responding , they are the ones who cancel the full kyc either finish the process or cancel my account. Dont keep postponing.

Hey @Mani7 ! Welcome to :niyo_community:iyo Community. We’re happy to have you onboard :airplane:.

I understand that the Full KYC process hasn’t been very smooth for you. Not to worry Mani, I’ll pick it up from here and get your Full KYC completed at the earliest.

Thank you for your immediate response @ashrithjain. Highly appreciated. I will wait for the Full KYC process to be completed.