Update on full KYC Biometric process - NiyoX

Hey there! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you. Please rest assured, we are getting this checked and we will ensure that the verification for your account is getting completed at the earliest. LK

I scheduled my full kyc for 4th of may and ecom agent did came but while trying to verify my fingerprint for full kyc he was getting a PID Block error of some sort we did try to do it 4-5 times but same error was occuring every time. The strange thing is every time we did try to do fingerprint verification while he was getting the PID error I was getting email from UIDAI of my Aadhaar verification being Successful. At last he left and ask me to reschedule it after 1-2 week. What’s the issue here a clear reply would be helpful.

Hey Taha!
We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused.
We have noted this issue and will make sure that the biometric verification for your account is considered at priority.

Hello Bansari
Thanks for the quick reply. Out of curiosity I would like to ask how are you going to give my account priority for the biometric kyc without asking for any of my registered detail first.

Hi Taha,
We appreciate your curiosity :slight_smile:
Since you have onboarded for the Niyo X account we have your registered details secured with us.

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I faced the same issue on 2nd May. They have rescheduled my Full KYC to 7th May.

But still i have not provided the same detail on my niyox and niyo community so… let’s see

Do let me know if it goes through on 7th.

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Sure thing. I will let you know

Any update on my situation? would like to know when i should reschedule my kyc.

Hi Taha,

You can reschedule your KYC for 7th May 2021 and we will make sure that it is taken care of.


Sir I need your help once again. I got a message that about my welcome kit has been dispatched on 30th of April 2021 with speed post tracking id. But when I track that ID it always showing consignment not found. Sir Please help me in it…

Thanks & Regards
Deepak Jajodia

Sure Deepak , I will look into this matter. You should received the card with in 10 Business days.

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Ok Sir Thank you so much.

Dear Manager,

I have scheduled my KYC appointment for three to four time but I am not getting any response from the bank side, I would kindly request you to take a look on my consent and act accordingly.

Registered mobile number is 9160277788

Thank you

Dear Shiv,
We have made a note of your concern and we shall look into it immediately. Apologize for the delay in this matter.

Hi so i am having some problems with the KYC. I scheduled the visit and the guy even came for KYC but there were some server issues and he was unable to upload i guess my fingerprints. He told me he would be back tomorrow but he never came back. Now the problem is in the app it says the kyc is done. But the kyc is not done so i just wanna reschedule the appointment as soon as possible thank you !

Hi Neel,

Welcome to the community!

We sincerely regret the hassle you had to go through. We have made a note of this and we will try to ensure that the Biometric verification of your account gets completed in the next visit without any issue.


Hi Neel,

Hope you are satisfied with the resolution provided over the call.


So I have seen about niyo X ad and I was really excited to use this service but all that came down when KYC process has started that E com agent deliberately disconnects the call after calling me and I get a message saying sorry we tried to reach you but we couldn’t and this happened four times now. I mean this affects a lot on your customer retention because of they never got a chance to try your product. I’m planning on leaving the app if this repeats again but just want to give you guys a heads up on what’s happening with your partner business.
The first 3 sec incoming call is the evidence of the activity I’m saying. And rest two calls are the ones tried back calling listening to an automated voice.