Update on full KYC Biometric process - NiyoX

Hi @Amit2 ,

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All you need to do is download the NiyoX Mobile Application, where you can find the ‘Get free Platinum VISA Debit Card’ section under ‘Pending Actions’ or also in the ‘Card Settings’. You will be asked to set an appointment for the completion of biometric verification. Once you complete this two-step process, our representative will visit your address as per the selected time slot.

Kindly get back to us in case of further queries.


Hi Bansari, Still did not get any update on kyc yet. Just getting message from ECOM that we tried but could not complete KYC. Not sure why they don’t even call and cofirm the timigs.

Hi @pradkumar1982 ,

Getting this checked.

Hey folks,

Great afternoon.

After struggling with server down issue last 2 days now I am waiting since morning for KYC verification. I have booked the slot for 08.00 am to 12.00 pm today but no body came and no single message or any response seen on the same.

I had chat with some but it was not helped out at all. She was telling me the reason for pandemic but this is for kind info other private bank doing and following in much better and faster way. For one of the I got this all done on the same day.

And in case of you, first upon nobody responded nor there is any communication and it was prebooked time slot which I have booked before 2 days.

Kindly advise.

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Hi @Sarvesh_Gavande

Inconvenience regretted :frowning:

We have escalated the issue to the concerned team and someone from our biometric team will get in touch with you soon.


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Dear Prabakaran V, We tried but could NOT complete the KYC on behalf of NIYOX EQUITAS. Please contact us @ 08376888888 - Ecom Express

Second time the same massage I received, I am sorry to say your KYC partner is not willing to work with you, anyway I am leaving, I will not try to complete full KYC, thank you

Hi Bansari,
Great Morning to You.

Are you just putting replies just as formality or really your team working on issues.

Since Friday no body has contacted nor there is any message regarding KYC verification, addition to this in Niyox app the the same time slot is showing.

I am really surprising, in start up you people providing this kind of services, you have made this platform for feedback and to resolve the issue but can see you are just replying with formality messages, auto messages.

It’s a kind request please do needful as such delays never expected from private banking and never such long and unattended issues faced by any other private banks in market.

Have a fabulous day.

Dear Heman Sir,

Good Afternoon.

I can see this message is from 23 April 2021 and today is 6th of June 2021.

I have opened account in last week and faced some issues with server for 2 days (after my continuous follow up) that auto replies and just name sake formal replies are very irritating.

Now I am facing KYC verification issue since Friday, like I am waiting from 08.00 am bit no body has came yet and not a single message on this.

When I put this issue on community there is a reply from Bansuri that apologies and bla bla bla, kind of just as formality, and trust me nothing was done after that too. Also I can see the status as issue is closed.

Sir please look into this and advise further.

Hi Bansari,

Good Morning!

Hope you have enjoyed weekend.

It’s been 4 days now but no response, no any call and no any message. What happened with KYC verification proceed? Now I have reacheduled my appointment tomorrow.

Please revert back with real words or solution, instead of auto type or formality replies.

Hi @Sarvesh_Gavande ,

We sincerely regret the hassle. That’s absolutely not the kind of experience we want our valuable customers to have. We are getting this checked right away!

I have scheduled the kyc task today ageny suppose to come 8am to 12pm did not get any call till now… no message as well. I have tried connecting support thru chat there alos no response i got message someone will respond to chat within 40 minutes. But more then 1 hour till now now body responed.

Hi @Kumar_Gaurav ,

This shouldn’t have happened :frowning:
We have escalated the issue to the concern team and someone from our biometric team will get in touch with you soon.


@Sarvesh_Gavande Hope you had a word with our biometric team and you are updated accordingly.


Hi Bansari, and Team,

Much appreciated and thank you so much. I got the call and they assured me that will come as per time slot.

Have a nice day. Stay safe and blessed.

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How to taise issue with Niyo equitas bank about ecom Express as they are not completing KYC inspite of sxheduling several meeting on app?

Hey there! Welcome to the Niyo Community! Just DM us your registered details and we will take it up for you. LK

I have booked a slot again at 12 to 4 but agent didn’t came

Hi Arvind,
You can raise the concern to our support team from NiyoX App > Menu > Support for a clarity on the same.


I have booked my slote for 2 time but agent didn’t came

I made an appointment for full KYC. But no agent come to me in the given time to take the details and take my Biometric details…No response from bank & no details of the agent who is approaching me at least contact number…I have been waited all the time of given appointment and also texted to contact support in app NiyoX, but no response from any side…