Update on full KYC Biometric process - NiyoX

Hi @Deepak Thankyou for escalating the issue. I really needed it to be done. I had to travel and stuff. And your intervention was a life saver.

However, given the number of complaints here, and considering the fact that not all customers wrote one. I think it would be good to look managing it more efficiently. It’s better to only allow customers to book appointments of later dates, but with surety or something similar.

Otherwise, niyoX is a great initiative. You guys are doing a great job. My heartiest wishes to you guys. :heart:


Finally, after a lot of nagging and complaining my KYC has been successfully completed just now by the very same guy who was refusing to come and do my KYC for over a month. He was extra courteous today as if he has been rebuked by someone senior or in charge. Thanks to the Niyox customer support team here that helped me get this done. Raising a complaint by me continuously worked with the help of Niyox staff here. Awaiting the delivery of my debit card now. Thanks again. :v:

Hey @Devmukerjee! We appreciate your patience and giving us a chance to serve you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your card should be delivered within 7-14 days. For any further help, feel free to reach out to our Live Chat team through the NiyoX app and we are happy to help you. Stay safe!


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Thank you so much! A happy new year in advance to you all!

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Please help me in doing by Full kyc as I’m living in Patna Bihar right now, but my communication address is my village address as the niyox isn’t providing the KYC service in my current location…

Hey @Chandan_Tiwary710! We’d request you to update your communication address. Once your address is updated, you can refresh the NiyoX app and schedule the KYC visit to your new address.


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My KYC is complete. I want to know where can I see the tracking details for my debit card dispatch?

@Devmukerjee you may check our previous post Track your Brand NEW NiyoX VISA Platinum Card!✈️

I am also facing this problem because agent not come for KYC I am waiting

I was oppointment
rescheduled many time

Hey @Satish_Kothule! On your behalf, we’ve escalated to our KYC partner, Ecom Express, and are following up with them. Please be assured that our team will try to reach out to you at the earliest and help with the KYC formalities.


Enough sir I am tired
Your bank can’t satisfy your customer so tell me I am move on another digital bank many digital banks available in market

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@Satish_Kothule give us a chance to help you. We’ve escalated this to our KYC team and are following up on a priority basis. Hope our team will connect at the earliest.

I want to add a new address of my house but no government document has been transferred on it yet and I have to get KYC done, I am handicap, so can not come for KYC on the old address, so please do my add new address
603 block,3rd floor back side Sudershan park near Raghu books store Moti Nagar new Delhi 110015

Hey @As031289! Welcome to Niyo Community. To update your communication address for the NiyoX account, we’d request you to check our previous post: I want to change address - #4 by Sachin Once your address is updated, you can reschedule the KYC visit at your new address.


No one contacted me ok l will close account in few days thank you for your support and I am not happy with your bank

Sar meri KYC Puri koni rahi hai

Sar meri KYC karne ke liye kyon nahin a rahe ho

Hey @9058009992! We have escalated this to our KYC partner, Ecom Express, and are following up with them on a priority basis. Our team will try to reach out to you at the earliest and help you with the KYC completion.


Dea sir seen you display