Unlocking my card

Under Savings I found my card is Locked. See the photo attached. I do not remember when did I lock it. Now how do I unlock it?

Hi @LiberBliss

It’s an easy procedure! Please go to savings > there, click on card locked, and the card lock will be unlocked. I hope this information is useful :blush:

Thanks! Not once, not twice several times I had done so! No change on the red lock!

Hi @LiberBliss

Sorry for the delay in responding, we recommend that you upgrade the app to the most recent version and attempt unlocking the card again. If the problem persists, please contact us at niyox.escalations@goniyo.com with your registered email address and a screenshot of the error. Our team will be more than delighted to help you.

Thanks Manisha! I shall delete the App and reinstall it. Will check it has its effect or not.
Before doing that, please tell me whether this could be the reason?
That my new Platinum Card stands dispatched and hence the old card “blocked”?
Is there any connection between the two?

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