Unlock Xtra with NiyoX. Transact and win Cashback!

Hi @Shravan_Kumar1 ,
You are eligible for the cashback of ₹100 if you loaded more than ₹1000 yesterday and this was your first load ever. The bank servers were down yesterday and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused, you can very soon make your UPI Id and do any number of spends through it. :slight_smile:

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Hi @yogeshs9 ,
You can get a maximum of ₹250 via cashback as per our terms and conditions. So if you add ₹25000 more to your account after first load of ₹1000, you will get a total cashback of ₹250. Hope this clarifies your doubt. :slight_smile:

I am unable to add my upi id as there is a server error occurred when i tried to open my card details.

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@KshitiVyas If no one can see the card details,then no one will be able to make Upi and can not take the 3rd and 4th rewards. It will not be possible to take the rewards after today. I have been trying since yesterday to see the card details. You are celebrating the arrival of 50,000 customers, while no one can see their card. Fix this problem first then celebrate. I understand that this is nothing but yours cunning.

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Hi @Shravan_Kumar1 ,
The server problem with card details is fixed now. You can set up your UPI Id now using your card details.

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Hi @Pritam_Sen ,

We are sorry for the inconvenience you faced. We have increased the period of cash rewards till 7th May. You can also now see the card details in your NiyoX App. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

@KshitiVyas You said that the server problem with card details was fixed. But I am still facing that problem. Will you solve the problem of card details at all?:rage:

Hi, I have opened my NiyoX account today. I made a deposit of ₹25000. Also , I made my first mutual fund investment , UPI transaction (through GPay) and online transaction using virtual debit card. So what are the offers that I would be eligible for and how much cashback can I expect to get ?

No ma’am, card details still not showing. Still server is down.

@KshitiVyas Ma’am You said that I will get the rewards by May 12th for first time load money of 1000. If I send the whole money before 12th may Via Upi or Spend with Platinum visa card for the purpose of availing the 3rd and 4th rewards, then will I still eligible for the rewards of rs 100 for first time load money? And is it true that the period of cash rewards extended till 7th May?

Hi @Sagar_Sagar ,
Yes, you will be eligible for the load money reward even if you spend it via UPI or your VISA Platinum card. Yes, the period of cash rewards is extended till 7th May

Hi @sanjay10 ,
You can check the above post for knowing which all cashback rewards you will be eligible for. If you deposited ₹25000 in your Niyo Equitas Account, you will be eligible for ₹200 cashback. However the total cashback you can receive is limited to ₹250, so even if you are eligible for all the offers, the maximum cashback you can receive is ₹250. I hope this answers your query.

Hi @Pritam_Sen ,
Kindly check again. The issue is fixed now. We are really sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @Shravan_Kumar1 ,
Kindly check again. The issue is fixed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Yeah, understood.
Also, is it necessary to do the biometric even if I don’t want a physical card ?

Yes, now it was fixed and i have done my upi transaction too. Thank u.

Hi @sanjay10 ,

It is not necessary to complete biometric KYC, if you don’t want physical card. However, we advise you to grab the limited period offer and get a VISA Platinum debit card for FREE. It comes with numerous benefits. :slight_smile:

Oh, I too wish to get the card but there’s lockdown in my state from tomorrow. I won’t be able to do KYC. That’s what I’m worried about. :confused:

@KshitiVyas i am not able to transfer more than 20,000 from this account, it always says you have reached daily limit even its my first transaction of the day, how can i transfer??

Hi, today I loaded the NiyoX ACCOUNT WITH 1000 WITH ICICI BANK ,will be considered load money to Equitas savings account
I used upi for investment of mutual fund using Equitas bank via Paytm will be considered as the same as per offer ,
And will it be considered for option of spending 500 via upi