Unfreeze my account

My account was freeze suddenly, what the reason, i have answered 6 questions, my salary money is stuck in niyox account, I’m unable to shopping for my family, eid is coming soon, im very sad now

Hey @Sofik_Seikh!

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We sincerely regret the hassle caused due to the Debit Freeze put on your account. Please rest assured, once you have sent the answers, the Bank should review them and get back to you on the freeze removal in 5 working days. LK

I have received a service request number.

@Lucky @Deepak
Why I’m getting this massage saying that
“Money transfers would be stopped in NiyoX soon! Avoid getting your account frozen. Complete your Full KYC with a video call Now”

I have full kyc

Hey @Sofik_Seikh! Thanks for your time over the call. We would like to inform you that your NiyoX account has been unfrozen. You should be able to make your transactions. We are once again sorry for the inconvenience that you’ve faced. Rest assured we are working with the bank to avoid such inconvenience in the future. For any further help, feel free to reach out to us and we are happy to help you!


Problem has been resolved

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Hey @Irshad_Ali! Apologize for the message. The communication has been targeted at users who haven’t completed the full KYC. Kindly ignore it if your account has been upgraded to full KYC.


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