Unboxing of The New Niyo SBM Card and Experience

Hello everyone!
I am sharing my personal experience for Niyo Global by SBM. I am travelling to Canada in August end. I was also waiting for Niyo by DCB just like you guys. But one of the moderators told that they are not going to start Niyo DCB for at least two months. In the end, I decided to go for this Niyo by SBM. I created my account on the beta application on 29th August. And completed the KYC in just 10 minutes. I don’t know why you guys are facing so many issues, for me, it was an effortless experience. I added 5,000 rs. and ordered my card, initially, the application was showing wait for 15 days. So I was going to get my card on the 13th but, it got delivered to me in just 5 days. I live in Mehsana, which is not a metro city, but the Card was delivered to me in just 5 days. You can track your card at Delhivery’s website entering your phone number and OTP. I would say Niyo SBM team hasn’t fixed all of the bugs. But It won’t create any issue for online payment or any other card usage because I’ve tested the card at Amazon.ca and I must tell you there was no mark-up or conversion charges. The amount that got deducted was the exact amount that was showing in the currency converter menu. I feel this is the best card for international students since we are getting 5% interest(only if you add 1L+ balance). So just go for it, this is the best you could get, don’t fall for Axis, ICICI, HDFC, SBI 's forex cards because they charge hell a lot of money for the services they offer and 3% service tax is consistent everywhere.
Thanks Niyo SBM team, I feel it’s worth it.

Hey @haritpatwa ! We’ve edited your response as it contained sensitive information. We respect your privacy

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Hey @haritpatwa ! Thank you for taking your time and providing us with such detailed feedback. we’re rigorously working to provide you a seamless and a better banking experience. It is only because of users like you we’re able to deliver the best. We loved reading your onboarding experience. However, if you do face any bugs or issues, feel free to mail them to global-dev@goniyo.com or DM to us here in the community. We’re always there to assist you.


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