Unacceptable delay in onbording

My biometrics for full KYC were collected on 21st Aug. Till now it has not been completed at the banks end and I ben after raising multiple tickets, my issue still remains.

Not received my virtual debit card as well as physical debit card and no meaningful updates from your end.

This bank has lot out to it’s competitors offering same rates for their Fixed Deposits. I had initially planned to park my surplus with neo IDFC but following this placed that surplus amount as a deposit with another bank offering the same rates


Hi @NAC_Plane,

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Actually taking biometric for full KYC is the last step out of three steps which everyone have to undertake.

Step are

  1. Activation of virtual Debit Card
  2. Activation of UPI
  3. Activation of Full KYC by providing fingerprint.

How come you done biometric verification without even receiving virtual debit card details?

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We’re unable to find any details from the available information. We’d recommend you to tap on the Whatsapp icon and contact us so that we can look into the case & proceed further.

That will best be answered by the Niyo staff

I have tried whatsapping multiple times with no response at all

Hi… following my last message, my full KYC was completed yesterday, however, I still cannot access my virtual debit card and there is no information about the dispatch of my physical debit card.

Also, there is no response to any of my Whatsapp messages.

Hey there! Please note that we are still working towards getting your physical cards dispatched for you. You should receive an AWB on your registered number when the card is in transit. LK

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