Unable to verify Aadhaar card using Niyo app

Unable to create Niyo account from ios.
It always fails with below error:
Looks like we are having some trouble at our end. Please
check if the entered Aadhaar number is valid and
belongs to you.
Please help

Hey @kavita_rawat! Welcome to Niyo Community!

This is something unusual. We’ll have this checked with our team at the earliest and reach out to you as soon as this is fixed. We believe that you are entering the right Aadhaar number.


Hi Deepak,
Thanks for responding.
Indeed, I am entering correct Aadhaar number, few times I got Aadhaar otp as well. But the screen didn’t move ahead and kept throwing same error message.

Please let me know once you have an update.


Thanks for confirming @kavita_rawat! We’ll have this checked and reach out to you.