Unable to transfer money!

Did an IMPS of 5L to Kotak today, not received so far, 5 hours & counting! Should have received immediately.
Did another exact same IMPS transaction (normally they change it to NEFT automatically as IMPS limit is 5L), got an error that transaction is stuck (??), you might get back the funds within 48 hours (if not credited to beneficiary).
Did another same transaction, that also got error message.
Now 15L stuck.
Normally I can transfer 10L a day (5L each IMPS & NEFT).
What’s happening?

Hey @kunal_kothari!

Regret the inconvenience! This shouldn’t have happened. If the funds are still not credited, they may get refunded to your account within 48 hrs and we kindly request you to wait until then. You may reach out to our live chat support team through the NiyoX app by going to Menu > Support options.


But what’s the point? I need the funds in the beneficiary account! Money coming back after a day or two for no fault of mine is so annoying! Why does this happen? How difficult is an IMPS to a registered beneficiary for NiyoX/Equitas?

Still funds not reflecting in either Kotak or Equitas. Where were the funds overnight? Nowhere!?

I cannot imagine myself in such situations.
What if it happens during some emergency situations like paying hospital bills or something.

Please find a quick solution for such issues.

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Will probably close account tomorrow or something.

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