Unable to transact using PayPal

Hi I have seen this error on multiple occasions lately while using the NiyoX Debit Card on PayPal. The error message I receive as SMS says that my card has expired, however, the card is recently issued and has validity till 2028. I have attached the error SMS.

Hey @familiarr_Strangerr! Welcome to Niyo Community!

If you are trying to make international transactions, for security reasons, by default, the transactions are restricted from the bank end. However, you’ll be receiving a verification call from the bank for your approval. Once approved, the bank will enable such transactions. In case, if you do not receive a call, we’d request you to contact the Equitas Small Finance Bank at 18001031222 on working days between 9 AM to 6 PM or send a mail to customerservice@equitasbank.com mentioning your concern, and the team will assist you.


Yes for international transaction, however, while on other websites the card is working fine. On PayPal the card is not working and I am receiving this SMS that my card has expired. I think this is not an authentication problem but some technical problem at the back end that is reflecting this card as expired.

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