Unable to refresh current balance and unable to recieve authorization otp when sending money

my phone is working good. i have uninstalled the app and again dowloaded it , restarted my phone , it has sms memory as well good internet as well but my app is not refreshing the current status. my registered mobile number is +919999363033

Hey @Nishantgupta! Regret the inconvenience. Currently, we are facing server downtime. We have escalated it to the bank and our team is following up on a priority basis to get this resolved.


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deepak bhai , i have recieved a big chunk of money in my account and its not reflecting in my account i am so worried.

I’m facing the same issue. It’s working for a few minutes after every few hours.

Hey @Nishantgupta! The issue has been resolved. Hope you were able to view your account balance. In case, if the issue occurs again, please do not panic. Rest assured, we are here to help you always. Stay safe!


to my disappointment i have not received my amount yet , i don’t know where it has been lost or not i am stuck

@Nishantgupta! Regret the inconvenience. Our team has escalated this issue to the SBM Bank and is following up with them. You’ll be updated on your ticket 1132423


its been more than one hour when ur team will contact

Even my account is not refreshing for balance

CNRBR52022010774801814. this is my utr number please check asap

Hey @Naveen_Samrat! In case, if you have added the funds to your account today, you should be to view the updated balance. Kindly try refreshing the home page and check for the same.

@Nishantgupta It looks like the bank is slightly taking a long time to update the status. Rest assured, your funds will be safer.

Hello @ Deepak, still not refreshing even in my wife’s account transaction or in my account it shows amount debited from my other bank account yesterday via rtgs still not reflecting in transactions as well

@Naveen_Samrat @Nishantgupta There was a downtime yesterday due to which a few transactions were not successful. The bank’s technical team is working on the same and the account will be credited shortly post reconciliation.

Thanks Deepak for the update, any approximate time to get this fixed still am unable to see the amount

Still balance is not appearing is the issue not yet resolved?

Hey @Naveen_Samrat! The issue stands resolved. We are sorry in case your funds are not yet credited. We kindly request you to write to us at global@goniyo.com or reach out to our in-app Live chat support sharing your transaction details (including transaction amount, date, source, payment mode, reference number, a screenshot/bank statement from the source bank would help better)


Hello Deepak,

I have received funds but the balance refresh is still not working, sorry for confusion. My question was related to the balance refresh.


Hey @Naveen_Samrat! Hope the balance refresh issue has been resolved and you were able to view the updated balance. If the issue still persists, please let us know.