Unable to redeem Cashback Rewards

Cash back scratch cards are visible but they are not redeeming. After reward earned message, they go back to original status.

Hey Bhargav! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We have escalated this with our team and we will be back with you shortly with an update. LK

Facing the same issue. I was told to wait for 14 days - the maximum period given in the T&C of offer.
Ideally the scratch Card should get delivered immediately

Hey Srivastava! The cashback will be credited within 15 days after the last transaction is settled and when you refresh the balance. The same is updated under the terms and conditions of the offer. Please rest assured, you are eligible for the scratch card and the same should get credited as per the offer. Your understanding and patience in the matter are highly appreciated. LK


I have made transfers 3 months consequently, but I still didn’t receive the Scratch card yet.

Hey Alan! Please rest assured, as informed, the cashback should be credited in 15 days from the date of the last successful transaction. LK

Hi @Niyo_Mod,

Yea, I got your point. But what I am pointing out is I didn’t even receive the Scratch Card for the campaign. Without it how I will get the cashback? Kinda confused! :thinking:

Hey Alan! The scratch card itself will get credited shortly. We humbly ask you to wait for a few more days. LK

Hi @Niyo_Mod

Thanks :+1:

Hi, it has been more than 15 days since the last transaction was settled. Yet to get the scratch card or the cashback.

Update:- Scratch card ia available after updating the app.

I’m also waiting to receive the Scratch card.

Received the cashback. Issue resolved. Thanks

Still the same. Able to see the cashback but won’t get credited to the account.

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