Unable to process any transaction Using new SBM Niyo Global Card.

Hy Niyo SBM team. I have received my card couple of days ago and yet I’m unable to process any transaction. I have a flight today at 6pm.Could you please fix my Card issues. @ashrithjain @Niyosbm @Bansari @Rajat_Prajapati

Hi @Mohd_Faiyaz ,

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Thanks for your time over the call. As you have provided your ticket number with us, we shall look into this for you. Allow us sometime.


Hy @Bansari ,

One more thing i would like to add is I couldn’t find Customer care number for Niyo SBM global card as there are different help line number for different Banks associate with Niyo. I have Visited the nearest SBM bank and the they were surprised by seeing this new type of card. They don’t have any information of Niyo global Card.

Mohammad Faiyaz.

@Mohd_Faiyaz ,

Kindly stay noted as of now we do not have a dedicated IVR for Niyo SBM.