Unable to order Niyo SBM Debit Card since 12th August '2021

Ticket Number: 1000419

I have been facing an issue or error while ordering the NIYO Card for myself since 12th August '2021, in spite of having sufficient balance in my account. I have also contacted with the Niyo team several times, but they are unable to solve this error. (Ticket Number: 1000419)

I have followed the below steps to order the card:

Menu >> Savings account >> card settings>> order card.

I have tried several times to order that card after refreshing the home screen by pulling downward and reinstalling the app after uninstalling it properly, but no luck till now!

My journey date is coming closer and I need that card on an urgent basis within a few days. So, I’m requesting you either to solve this issue within this week or to order that card for me from your end. Otherwise I have to take the decision to close this account forcefully as I don’t have much time in my hand.

I’m sharing the screenshot of the error page which is showing in my app. Hope this will help you to identify the issue with the relevant team and provide me with the best possible resolution at the earliest.

I have even tried to order that card from different device, but no luck till now. And I’m also sharing the following details with you so you could be able to check and assist me further at the earliest:

Device name: Redmi
Model number: Redmi 5A
App version: v1.0.1 (47)

Hope to hear a positive reply from you soon.

Hi @SwarnenduS ,

Firstly, welcome to the Niyo Community!
Your card has been ordered.


Hi @Bansari,

Today I’ve received the Signature VISA Debit Card, but without the Passport Cover :frowning_face:

Hi @Bansari,

Please send me the FREE Passport Cover at my home address as soon as possible.


Hey @SwarnenduS ! Hope you’re having a great day. We regret to inform you that we are no longer providing the passport holder to new users. We had only issued that same to our initial adopters.