Unable to open Niyo Global SBM Account, even though all my documents are intact

Hi Team.

I am trying to open a Niyo Global SBM Account.

All my Documents are intact, still the status shows the CKYC & PAN don’t match.

Also I have a Niyo Global Account.

I have submitted copies of Aadhar & PAN.

Please reach out to me on my registered number.

Hey @Akshaya.CV! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We are sorry to inform you that we cannot onboard you for Niyo SBM due to CKYC-related issues. There seems to be a mismatch in your name in the CKYC records and in your Aadhaar due to which you are unable to complete the onboarding. You have to update your name in your CKYC records as per your Aadhaar or update your name in Aadhaar as in CKYC records and then try onboarding.