Unable to open account - Stating "Existing Equitas Customer"

Hi Team,

I am bit disappointed in how NiyoX is working. I have been trying to create an account from morning (25th April 2022). I always get to the page of Aadhaar verification and after the OTP verification, its state I have an account with Equitas Bank and we are unable to open an account.

But, I have never created any account in Equitas Bank before, so I am not sure how this assumption was reached.

Also, when I tired to reach support from the App, they didn’t have any proper option and when I wanted to create an issue, they said its having some technical problem.

Being a tech company, I expect the product to be more robust and functional. If I experience the same after putting my money. I won’t be very pleased.

Hope I get a proper resolution and quickly. I also hope the product will become more stable.


Hey @Sharath! Sorry that we couldn’t meet your expectations. If the onboarding error message says that you have an account with Equitas Small Finance Bank (existing or any past relationship with Equitas Small Finance Bank), we are sorry to let you know that we cannot help you to create a NiyoX account for you.

However, we’ve duly noted this feedback and will be shared it with our team for further investigation.


Hi @Deepak ,
Thanks for the response.

The problem here is I have never created an account with Equitas Bank, so my question is where is this information fetched from, can you guys RCA the problem and let me know the details.


Hey @Sharath ! We tried reaching you on your registered number but the call went unanswered. We’ve escalated this to our technical team. Rest assured, we’ll get back to you with an update as soon as possible.- Wasim

Thanks guys for the quick response. Now my account is created.

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