Unable to login to NIYO IDFC app (Again)

I am unable to login to my Niyo IDFC app today. I get the following error after I enter the login pin
“oops. Unable to process your request at this moment. Please try again later”

My mobile number - 9910321289

PS - I had a similar issue when sometime back as well

Thanks, Aman

Hey Aman, welcome back to the Niyo Community. We are delighted to inform you that IDFC FIRST Bank has launched a comprehensive new app covering all the savings account requirements you may have. Kindly download the IDFC FIRST Bank(New) app from here: https://cut.ly/GtsfL0O, to access your Niyo IDFC account.
With this new app, you’ll have access to personalised features such as analysis and auto-categorisation of your income and expenses, two-click FD booking, and super fast payments and investments at your fingertips. This app is the best way to avail the Bank’s full range of financial solutions.
Rest assured that your account will be exactly the same and fully accessible via this new app, and your account and services will continue unabated with IDFC FIRST bank.
If you have made any investments through the Niyo IDFC app, you can also find them in our Niyo Money app. SR

Thanks, Subrata for the response! I downloaded the iOS version of the app that you suggested and it asks for a User ID or User name. I provided my IDFC User ID but it doesn’t accept user id at this moment. I don’t have a username that I can use. Neither, their is an option to find my user name in some form. Let me know

Hey Aman, you will need to first activate the net banking portal from here by tapping on ‘Get Username’ : IDFC FIRST Bank, and then use the same creadentials log into the IDFC FIRST (New) app. SR