Unable to login equitas reward website also not getting reward for virtual debit card

I am unable to login to equitas reward website and also not getting reward for virtual debit card

Hi, @rupesh38 welcome to our NiyoX community :slightly_smiling_face:! We would request you to retry after some hours of time. If in case you’re still facing the same issues. Kindly reach out to our Live chat support our team will do their best to assist you. Thank you!

Done chatting with customer care executive but no solution. Please resolve issues otherwise i will switch to another bank.

Hey @rupesh38! Regret the inconvenience :slightly_frowning_face:

You may not earn the equinox rewards for the transactions that you make using the virtual card. For Equinox rewards, we request you to contact the Equinox Support team at 9318397173 on bank working days from 9 AM to 6 PM or email at equinox@nthrewards.com from your registered email.


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