Unable to get a refresh on CYKC


My account is already CKYC enabled. Unable to move forward with the application. What is the procedure to take this ahead?


Hey @Sagar_Tilakraj! Welcome to Niyo Community!

When our system is trying to fetch your CKYC details, it shows that you have an OTP-Based e-KYC & KYC year is 2021 due to which you are unable to proceed with the onboarding for Niyo SBM. Here, you may have to contact your service provider (possibly your bank) where e-KYC has been done and that needs to be updated to Normal KYC. Thereafter, you should be able to complete the onboarding formalities for Niyo Global by SBM.


I already have an XML format KYC done. Would that not suffice? Also I am already a NiyoX user for last 1 year.

Hey @Sagar_Tilakraj! XML format KYC is not sufficient to complete the onboarding for Niyo SBM. NiyoX is an account in partnership with Equitas Small Finance Bank. Currently, the bank is not registering the details for CKYC. It may take some more time. We suggest you to update the CKYC to a NORMAL one through the platform where you have an OTP-based e-KYC.