Unable to enable International Transactions


Unable to enable International Transactions from IDFC Debit Card yesterday onwards.

Showing as DCMS ERROR 787.

Hey Alan! We regret the inconvenience caused. We are looking into this issue and this is expected to be resolved in the next 48 hours. Meanwhile, kindly use the IDFC APP or IDFC NetBanking services. LK


Yesterday onwards I’m unable to perform any international transactions with IDFC Debit Card. It automatically got disabled and now unable enable as well.

Only getting the message as “DCMS Error 787”

NB:- Previously struggled with “DCMS ERROR 370” more than 2 months and Niyo team didn’t do anything for resolving the complaint. So I request kindly don’t repeat that negligence in this issue.!


Hey @Alan_Abraham , we are having this checked on top priority. We sall keep you updated regarding this. SR

Hello @Subu

48 Hours was requested by @Lucky for resolving this issue and it’s already 48 hours over. There is no sign of any resolution from Niyo as usual. I doubt this will end up like DCMS ERROR 370 which many faced and didn’t resolved by Niyo 3 + months.

This is a banking firm. Whatever the error / bug should resolved max by 2-3 hours. Why only Niyo is taking days & days for resolving any issues.

I was hoping 2021 will be different but no change I could see, same as 2020. Bugs, bugs and bugs… Technical team don’t know what to do. Customer team will give robotic reply as always!!

Do something to get rid of this buggy app…

Attention : @Vinay_Bagri

Hey @Alan_Abraham, due to temporary technical maintenance, we are facing downtime. The team is working on this as we speak. The issue will be resolved soon. We appreciate your patience. SR


Could you please explain what SOON means for Niyo??

It’s been over a week… Ridiculous!!!

Attention @Vinay_Bagri

Hey Alan! We will request you to kindly follow the below steps in order to activate the spend abroad option in the IDFC app

  1. Kindly download the IDFC FIRST Bank (New)

  2. Go to the ‘Have option’

  3. Go to the card option

  4. Click on the card

  5. You will get option related to domestic and international

  6. The user will have to divide or key in the limit for domestic and international

​7. Enter the POS, ECOM, and ATM limits.

Please note it cannot cross the total limit of the card*


This app is not for me. It is clearly mentioned in app page that IDFC FIRST (New) is currently available only for customers enrolled from Dec 2020 onwards.

You must check it before suggesting this solution.

Again 2 weeks+ now , unable to do international transactions… What kind of banking service Niyo providing, seriously I do not understand!


Hey Alan! Please rest assured we have checked that. It is currently being launched in phases for all the customers. For customers enrolled on or after Dec 15, 2020; it is available by default and for the rest, it is being launched gradually and will be available soon.
We sincerely regret the inconvenience. LK


So what you are trying to convey? We are not supposed to do international transactions until then???

You guys are seriously giving trouble to your customers…


Hey Alan! Thank you for your time on call. As discussed, kindly check and confirm if you are able to activate the spend abroad option from the old IDFC app. LK

@Lucky @Subu

Unable to login to IDFC APP.
Yesterday onwards can’t do any domestic transactions as well (UPI / NEFT etc)

What’s going on with Niyo???

Hey Alan! As we see, there is no issue with your account. You should be able to log into the app without any hassle. If you are still facing difficulty logging in, please let us know. SR

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