Unable to do transaction in USD

I was unable to do transaction in USD few days ago, it was declined. I thought maybe there could be some issues with bank and completed the transaction with my other credit card. Thus, I was unable to use NIYO for the reason I opened the account.

Today again, I wanted to do a transaction in USD and it got declined. I received a message saying that daily purchase limit has reached. The thing is this is my first transaction in months. International use is on and limit is set to highest for the card.

Did anyone else face this, or can someone help resolve it?

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Please complete your biometric IPV to transact in USD. Wallet accounts cannot be used for international transactions.

IPV was done by the executive while opening the account. Any reason why is it required again?
Did the executive not complete all the process? Why is this extra step now?

Hey Vipul! Welcome to the Nito Community! As we have checked the international limit has yet not been set for this account. So, we request you to please log in to the Niyo IDFC app and set the spending limit. LK

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I may be able to help here. When I first got the niyo card I couldn’t transact in usd either. Also, Google Play wouldn’t accept the card.

I would get the same message from IDFC. ie. “Purchase limit reached” or something.

The solution is to go into the app, tap on card limits, then tap on edit and increase the “international spending liimit” from “0” to anything above “0”.

This solves everything. :smiley:

The developers have kept default international spending limit at “0” lmao facepalm. Change this pls niyo.

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