Unable to do POS /ATM transactions

Hey niyo team,

My ticket 1011618 was raised on 26th August, for the problem POS /ATM transactions.

Your technical team said, it will be rectified with in 3 days, but it is almost more than a week, the problem not rectified yet. I am planning to depart with in couple of days. There is no sense of having this card with out solving this issue. Many reminders has been sent, but your team just conveyed to the bankers and asked us to be patience. I understand you concern is beta app, in that case you shouldn’t be released the physical debit card if it has not been properly tested. As I see many people complaints about this issue and they are helpless and stranded in abroad.

I request please abort lame excuses and give us quick solution.

Hey @Robert_Williams ! We’re aware of this issue and are constantly working towards a fix. We’re frequently in touch with the partner bank (SBM Bank (India) Ltd.) and VISA. We’ll instantly notify you with an update for the same.

I have the same issue. I get the same standard response each time and it has been over 2 weeks. I was told it would be rectified in 1 day itself. I am planning to travel in about 4 weeks time but don’t this the team will get the issue resolved. No confidence in that.