Unable to do any transactions using NiyoX app

Dear All

I am unable to do any transaction from 8th Jan 2022 till today and as of now steps have been taken by NiyoX neither by Equitas Small Finance Bank no one is responding. I already try to contact with all the branches of Equitas Small Finance Bank they are also not responding neither on call nor received any reply via mail also.

What is going around with my money in your bank?

Solve my problem as early as possible.
Arijit Chowdhury
+91 7278377687

Hey @Arijit_88 ! This is not the experience we want our customers to have. Please allow us some time as we’re getting this checked. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Dear comunity this not good very suffer 80%people niyox bank system kyc agent not visit equtatis bank not respond this is not a criket this is senstive issue why is neglect
Full kyc agent not come we are sufffer to more iam one of the custmer

Hey @1234raj ! We regret the inconvenience. We’ve responded to you via direct message. Kindly have a look.-WB

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