Unable to create Niyo Global SBM Account

Hi Team,

I tried creating an account, and I have provided all the required details needed, but it still says that the information which I have provided is incomplete. I mistakenly gave my other number for verification which is not linked to aadhar card, but rest all details are correct.
Request you to check and advise me any alternative available?
Have attached screenshot for your reference.

Hi @Rajnandini_Singh, We’re extremely sorry to keep you waiting :frowning: On checking your details, we noticed that your CKYC status does not meet some of the prerequired criteria for onboarding. Hence, we won’t be able to onboard you as of now. To improve the user experience, we will take it as feedback and make improvements. Please keep an eye out for any updates via email or push notifications. However, if you plan to travel abroad shortly, as a backup we recommend opening a NiyoX account and completing your full KYC there. The product now comes with a Zero forex card and similar benefits.

To apply now, download NiyoX app - Want to know more about NiyoX? - Click Here

Once again, regret the hassle! For any further assistance kindly write to us at global@goniyo.com our team will be happy to assist you better.