Unable to create account in NiyoX equitas bank

Hi @NiyoX Team, it is very sad that I have created & closed a savings account with equitas small finance Bank, and now I am unable to open account with NiyoX. As it is displaying that I have a relationship with equitas bank. Which is really not correct. If I have closed the account with equitas bank just for NiyoX then you should have considered it positively.

When can we expect an alternative to this?


Hey @Adi_J! Wish we could’ve helped you here. :slightly_frowning_face:

Having an existing or past relationship with Equitas Small Finance Bank (ESFB), we’ll not be able to onboard you for NiyoX. And, we are sorry about it. However, feedback has been shared with our product team on this and if there is a possibility to onboard existing or past ESFB relationship users in the future, we’ll definitely reach out to you.


Hi @Deepak but this is really very bad that, I have created a new account on equitas small finance Bank yesterday and today while creating account on NiyoX I got to know that due this I wouldn’t be able to create a new account, so i immediately closed my account from equitas small finance Bank.

Really very bad. You should have created the roadmap for existing equitas customers who have closed their account just to create NiyoX.

Hey @Adi_J! We understand your concern and do agree with it. However, we are sorry to inform you that we cannot onboard you for NiyoX and we are helpless at the moment. Feedback has been shared with the concerned team and it might take some more time for us to start onboarding the users who had relationships with Equitas Small Finance Bank.


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