Unable to connect to Customer Care Representative. Niyo Customer Care only for DCB Users

I am a Niyo IDFC User. While calling the Niyo’s customer care number, though I am a registered user and calling from the registered mobile number, still the IVR says that “Call from the registered mobile number” and the call gets cut. This feels buggy and weird.

I received a communication from a service manager that the customer care number is only for the Niyo DCB Customers and not for the Niyo IDFC Customers.

This is very strange, as IDFC customers are more premium than DCB, as we have to maintain a 10k monthly average balance.

When are you guys planning to get customer care started for Niyo IDFC users?

Hey Bhaskar! Please rest assured, the number 1860-258-6496 should work for both Niyo Global and Niyo IDFC FIRST customers. Kindly update us if you are still getting the same message when you are trying to call, so that we can look into it. LK

I called the number I have waited for 36minutes the call got disconnected then even then I didn’t connected to the customer care.
Service sucks.

Hey Santosh! We tried reaching you on the number shared by you but the calls went unanswered. Your issue is already with IDFC team and is already being investigated. We humbly ask you to allow us 5 more days so that we can resolve this and update you. LK