Unable to complete NiyoX Full KYC!

Hi there! I’m unable to complete the biometric verification and here is why! Today I recieved a call from ECOM Express executive and here is what he said “Sir, I will be unable to complete your Full KYC as the biometric device I have is defective”. Now what is the viable option to do to complete my Full KYC? Kindly reschedule my Full KYC after having a chat with ECOM Express as to when this issue can be resolved.

Hey Ashrith! We regret the hassle at our end. Please rest assured, we have escalated the issue and we will try to get this completed for you as soon as possible. LK

Hello Lucky, I was unable to complete my Full KYC today also with ECOM Express and here what happened. Everytime I placed my finger on the biometric device, there was an error stating “Server error, contact to admin”.

But everytime, I placed my finger on the biometric device, I also got an email from aadhaar stating successful authentication. Kindly resolve this issue to get my Full KYC done. And reschedule my appointment to 4th May, 2021 from 8am to 12pm.

Hey Ashrith! Regret the inconvenience. We have made a note of this and we will certainly try to ensure that it is carried out smoothly next time. LK