Unable to add New Payee


I’m unable to add New Payee under Manage Payee tab in Niyo App. After entering the desired A/C Num, the page is going blank and not proceeding further. So it’s not possible to select Bank Name, IFSC Code etc.
Screenshot attached.

Hey Alan! This should be a temporary app error. We recommend you to reinstall the updated version of the app, clear the cache memory, provide the correct payee information & try again.

If the issue persists, not to worry, we’re here to help.

Hey @Suryashashank,

I’m already on latest update. Still the same.

Hi @Alan_Abraham ! We had escalated this to tech team to resolve it. They have resolved it from their end, can you please try now?

Hello @prathamnawal,

Still I couldn’t see any option to enter IFSC CODE & Branch Details. Only A/C Number I’m able to fill up.

Hi @Alan_Abraham Thanks for the prompt reply. Please allow us some time to get back on this,

Hi @prathamnawal

Some random IFSC CODE is getting selected by Niyo App by itself. Also there is no option to view the details of beneficiaries added. Only name is visible.

Hi @prathamnawal

Still no option to add IFSC Code.

Hi, @Alan_Abraham Request request you to kindly tap on the Other tab and fill in the IFSC code manually while selecting the bank. PFA screenshot for reference.

Hi @prathamnawal,

Still there is no provision to check what details saved in added beneficiaries.

This is too complicated and confusing. As you mentioned After adding IFSC from “OTHER” Tab, again I have to reverse to previous page for adding my other credentials. There is no IFSC details in that page.

Do make it straight forward. All banks are following same procedure for adding beneficiaries, ie,

Bank Name
A/C Num

More over we must have an option to open the added beneficiaries for checking the credentials whenever required. Here that is also not possible.

Why Niyo alone making it too complicated and still confusing?

Kindly rework the page in a proper way.

@Alan_Abraham Highlighted this to the PM concerned for this feature

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