Unable to add Money in NiyoIDFC Bank account

Hello All,

Recently I created my Niyo IDFC first bank account on 29-Aug and also done Full KYC within 2 days. But whenever I try to add/deposit 50k amount in it thru UPI or IMPS from other bank app it instantly gets failed. Though I could able to add 25k but not above that, unable to understand the reason. Kindly help in this, thanks.

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facing same issue
whatsapp support is not helping

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Hey Nirmal! Please note that the UPI daily transaction limit is ₹ 50,000. Also, in this case, the error has occurred due to the issue at the sender’s bank. Please try again & let us know if the issue persists.

Hi @Suryashashank, I did IMPS transfer not the UPI and didn’t transact anything else today other than this failed one. Just checked same issue with other banking app.

Same happening with me.

Transactions are not happening from DBS/ICICI/SBI to IDFC. IMPS gets rejected and if you send through UPI, your money will get stuck for 2-3 days.

Same issue from hdfc also

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