Unable complete onboarding with NiyoX App (OTP not received)

I’ve completed process of registering my 2 in 1 account with niyo x. Even I’ve set my passcode. But when i try to complete the banking consent form then otp doesn’t come through. For all rest of the things like registration otp works. I trying logging out of app, unistalling and reinstalling app and even restarting my phone, even i tried to use my sim on other phone to check if i recieve otp but no. Otp never came for banking consent but for logging in the app otp comes and works. I’ve been trying this from 2 days. My account number is 100011611872 and phone number is 8376045161.
Please niyox team help me to get out of this situation. Name : Gokul Krishna Nagarajan

Hey Gokul! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We are very sorry to know that you had to go through so much inconvenience at this stage of onboarding. Please rest assured, we are looking into this matter for you and we will connect back to you shortly.

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@Lucky Thank you I’m looking forward to the resolution. My registered email id with niyox is gokul_09krishna@yahoo.co.in and I’ve even received bank balance alerts from esfb-alerts@equitasbank.com on my email id.

Hey thanks. My problem got resolved today. @Lucky

Thank you for confirming Gokul! Have a great one. LK