UI/UX Improvement

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using The DCB Niyo Global Card for 1+ years now and have been impressed amor rather satisfied with their sleek design.

On the other hand, the IDFC first Niyo interface is artisty for sure but not so great functionally.

I don’t see any option for fingerprint login to bypass PIN entry everytime.

What all suggestions do you have?

I agree it is artisty but there could be some UX improvements. Even I had created a post about this in the suggestions category.

Hey Sai! We have the Finger print based login access on the Niyo IDFC FIRST bank. To enable: Login to Niyo App-> Enter App Pass code-> Click on Menu-> Security Settings-> Enable Fingerprint.

Now, you can login to the app with a single touch. Trust us, our top notch is security & safety. ∞VS

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