Two different entries per online transaction - unable to understand what's going on

I recently started using my NiYo global card again (moving to the UK, previously used this in France) after a while and I see 2 debits for each transaction and a credit for a part of the amount a while after. My entire transaction feed is messy - and I can’t even properly read it.

Does this have to do with the tax collection + refund that has been discussed in the forums? Is it likely that proper information be attached to these for readability?

Hi @Jerin_Philip

It is due to the poor execution of TCS deduction by DCB Bank. Already many complaints are posted here in this community.

Hope DCB & Niyo will take necessary action.

Hi @Jerin_Philip @Alan_Abraham

Yes, acknowledge your feedback. The TCS related transactions will have an appropriate narration to clarify the charge as well as when the refund is processed against that particular transaction. Our customers should start seeing it in 2-3 days time.