Transferring money into/from Niyo SBM card

Hello, to transfer money into/from the Niyo SBM card, do I need to have installed on my phone the phone banking app of the bank from/into which I’m transferring the amount? Or can I also use internet banking (on desktop) or RTGS/NEFT (by visiting the bank branch) to make the transfer?

Hey @Sudhanshu_Chopra ! Welcome to Niyo Community.

Yes. You can download the Niyo Global By SBM App and transfer/receive the funds. All you need to do is just add beneficiaries to make transfers. The Niyo Global By SBM app also helps you to keep track of transactions. - WB

Thanks for the information. Just to confirm, there will an SBM account number and IFSC code in the app to/from which I can make transfers?

Yes. You’re right. You can see the Banking details on your Niyo Global By SBM App. - WB