Transactions being declined for no reason

Let me thank you for making my first transaction using your GLOBAL card a memorable one. I had a balance of Rs.5100/- loaded on to the card when i used this card for making a purchase of Rs.190/-. The transaction was declined by the pos machine stating the reason as insufficient balance. Again i tried and again transaction declined but amount got debited. Now comes the real service oriented part from niyo… When i tried to raise a ticket, it says ticket cannot be raised.
Refund my amount at the earliest and tell me the procedure to close down this useless account of yours and return this GLOBAL card. I cannot even imagine using this card abroad as this card cannot even do a simple local transaction

We never intended to cause the experience & this certainly is an unusual instance, @vimalramp ! Please be informed that, the refund transactions are usually processed within 5 business days for domestic transactions and 15 business days for international transactions. We’d request you to kindly wait for the auto refund.

In case, if the amount is not refunded within the given timeframe. Please let us know! We’re here to help. - WB