Transaction security is not strong

Send money is easy as we only have to enter otp before making transection.

But it’s also too risky.

If one hacker will get access to my messages or sim card by sim swapping then all my savings would be vanished.

So please provide “extra” features of security like 2 factor protection (otp+password) as like bank of india net banking.
Or any other smart features available.

Please do so.

Then you can use keypad…its more secure then android :joy:

Hi @Nilay_Rachchh ,

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Thank you for sharing this with us. We treat feedback with the utmost care and we will take steps to improve the area you mentioned.


It’s not funny at all.
Just give me your mobile for a min and I will vanish all your balance.
Think what if someone stole it.
Hackers are smarter than you and all of us.
Every other banks are not fool and dumb to give double security.

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Even i am using pns, sbi, icici…there is no transactional password…just i m getting otp for fund transfer. Why are u giving you mobile to others, Hackers can’t hack you mobile directly. Think before you talk

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