Transaction / Passbook features not working with Niyo IDFC First Bank Savings Account


The transaction details are not showing in app. Everytime it shows as no details. I have made multiple transactions and couldn’t find any details anywhere in the app.

Kindly check ASAP. Thanks.

Hey Alan! Please use the WhatsApp icon on the app to immediately get connected to our 24*7 WhatsApp support and kindly share a screenshot of your transactions, so that the team can immediately check and assist you with the same. LK

@lucky Ok. Will do.

Though I didn’t receive any reply in WhatsApp when i contacted before for another query.


Under transactions, there is no details shown under ALL, INCOME, EXPENSES, TRANSFERS. All tabs are empty.

Already registered complaint with WhatsApp and no one is giving a resolution since 3 days.

Hey Alan! We sincerely apologize for the delay. The issue is being investigated and we will get back to you with an update shortly. LK

Hi @lucky,

Awaiting for a prompt solution. Thanks.

Hi @lucky,

Still this problem is not resolved. It’s been a week I made the complaint. I’m unable to see any transactions details. All tabs are empty under transactions.

Kindly take necessary action ASAP.

Hi @Alan_Abraham Apologies from our end. I checked your issue seems to be resolved. Please confirm the same else if the issue persists, let me know.

Hi @prathamnawal,

Issue is resolved. Thanks.

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