Transaction on Uphold not working

Dear Team,
transaction on not working please check why it has been stop

Hey @shahrishit9! Welcome to Niyo Community.

Currently, we do not support foreign exchange or crypto transactions with Niyo Global by SBM.


what is the issue in that
it is not only crypto it is for usa based stock as well
it is loss for the NIYO as well as customer
as customer e will go to other bank which provide this facility
loss loss situation

@Deepak I have withdrawn all of my money except some hundreds

@shahrishit9 here the merchant is registered as a trader due to which the transactions are restricted. However, feedback has been shared with our team on this and if we start allowing such trading transactions in the future, we’ll definitely reach out to you.


but its suppoted before 14 febuary after 14 febuary transaction stopped u said we not supported foreign exchanges then why transaction successed before 14 febuary

@Deepak if company want they start taking charge and earn from it
but dont stop
i have full proof idea for the company
please connect
@Virender_Bisht @Vinay_Bagri