Transaction failed but money got deducted

I tried to withdraw cash of 50 gel (around 1200 in inr) but my transaction was not processed and an error message showed up on screen. But later I got an email from SBM ank that 1241 was debited from my account. I’m attaching the both screenshots please help me with this

Hey @mohith_boppana1! Regret the inconvenience. :pensive:

If the funds are debited from your account for a declined international transaction, please be assured, an auto-refund will be processed within 15 days. If you do not receive the refund, within the given timeline, reach out to our in-app Live chat support or at from your registered email ID with the transaction reference details, available in the ‘Transaction’ tab and we’ll help you further.

Also, feedback has been shared with our team and they are working closely with the bank to minimize such issues in the future.


15 days? I read somewhere that if bank doesn’t give refund means, for everyday 100 rupees should be paid by the bank

Hello, my atm withdrawal from Niyo SBM was failed but still I got an email from SBM bank that my account was debited with 1241 (around 50 gel in local currency of Georgia :georgia:) what should I do now?

Hey @mohith_boppana1! For international transactions, the refund may take up to 15 days. In case, if the refund is not processed, we’ll raise a chargeback to the bank for further investigation.
Also, we kindly request you to refresh and check your account balance if you have received the refund or for any inward transactions that you make. Currently, the transactions are not being updated in real-time but the amount is being credited to the account. Our team is working on it.