Transaction Declined, Money Got Deducted Twice and Refund Not Received Yet

Hey @Meet_Gada! Thank you for your patience.

As per the latest update we have from the bank, please note that there is a lien marked to your account of Rs. 5,152.05/- and Rs. 5,152.05 /- dated 01-08-2022. Since the merchant did not receive the claim, the Bank had credited the funds to your account. So to avoid the misuse of funds, a lien was marked which will be removed as per TAT of T+20 days i.e. on 21-08-2022. LK

@Lucky @Manisha_Radhakrishna @Ranjith @Wasim_Al_Basha @Viren
Again your commitment failed. I am really disappointed with this waiting period and now as you told that lien is marked on my account till 21-08-22. Today is 22-08-22, and i am still unable to transfer my funds.
I am terribly frustrated now!!

Find attached screenshot of transfer failure on 22-8-2022


Hey @Meet_Gada! As per the last update from the Bank, the lien should have been removed by the 21st itself. Please allow us to get it re-checked & get back to you. We are very sorry for the continued hassle. LK

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Hey @Meet_Gada! We see that you were able to successfully withdraw funds from your account earlier today. Thank you for your patience. LK

Mera bhi same problem hai 99,000/- 2 din pahele credit huva he
02/08/2022 ka Transction tha aur paisa cut gaya lekin atm mese nahi mila muje, uske bad 20/08/2022 ke din Display pe balance show hone laga lekin use nahi kar pa raha hu aur Ticket pe Ticket Riase kar rahe hai a log… Aaur kitne din tucket raise karenge ?

Hello @Hardik_Usad! We understand you are concerned about 'Mr.HITESHBHAI RUPAVATIYA’s account. Kindly advised him to reach out to our live chat support team with the transaction details so that we can check and assist as soon as possible. -WB