“Transaction Declined”😱: Learn Why❓ and How to Fix it🛠️on Your Own✔️

Hey all,

Receiving a “Transaction Declined” message when you swipe your card or while online shopping is certainly not the perfect ending to an awesome shopping experience.

At times, when you make an online transaction, card swipe at stores, or ATM withdrawal, you might encounter transaction errors such as: No Funds, Channel Blocked, or Card Limit Exceeded. More than 50% of the time, this can be avoided. Here are a few simple things you can do to avoid encountering these errors:

1. No funds: Before proceeding with any payment, check your NiyoX app to ensure you have a sufficient balance in your account. Now it’s easier than ever to Add money via QR code for a quick and smooth experience.

2. Channel blocked: There is a possibility that you have certain payment channels {Online Transactions, POS Swipe, ATM Withdrawal, Tap & Pay} locked on your NiyoX app because you don’t use them frequently. Before proceeding with any payment, check Home > Card Settings > Card Locks to ensure that the payment channel you’re about to use, is unlocked and ready to use.

3. Card limit exceeded: Your NiyoX card comes with a daily or per transaction limit for the various payment channels:
NiyoX Card Transaction Limits:

  • Online transactions + POS Swipe: ₹2 lakhs/day

  • ATM withdrawal: ₹1 lakh/day

  • Tap & Pay (fixed limit): ₹5,000/txn and ₹10,000/day

There is a possibility that you might have customized your limits. To avoid transactions getting declined—before making any payment—check Home > Card Settings > Card Limits in your NiyoX app to ensure that your payment channel limit can cover the transaction amount.

We hope this foresight helps you enjoy a seamless experience.

NiyoX.Your Card.Your Way!


Team Niyo

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