Track all your existing mutual fund investments on NiyoX!

Keeping track of your mutual fund investments, especially if you’ve been investing over the years through both online and offline platforms can be quite stressful.

If you’re looking for some respite from this tiresome ordeal, just head over to the NiyoX app and try out the ‘Import Mutual Funds’ feature.

What is ‘Import Mutual Funds’?
‘Import mutual funds’ helps you track all your existing mutual funds investments on NiyoX. Whether you have bought your mutual funds offline from the AMC branch, bank branch, financial agent/advisors or from online stock brokers, portals, or even directly from theAMC; you can track them all on NiyoX.

Once you have imported all your funds on NiyoX, you can track their NAV movements, invest more into those funds or even choose to redeem them directly from NiyoX.

Where can you find ‘Import Mutual Funds’ feature on NiyoX?
Head over to the investments section on the app and look for Import mutual funds section under “Recommendations for you” / as part of “Quick actions” / in the Investment account section of menu.

How to import your mutual funds?
Importing your mutual funds on NiyoX is as simple as it can get. Just follow the below mentioned instructions and you will be all set in 2 simple steps.

Step 1
Confirm email id to generate Consolidated Account Statement (CAS). You just need to confirm the email id that is linked to your mutual fund investments; your CAS will be sent on this email ID only.

Once you confirm your email ID for CAS, our system will automatically generate the CAS from CAMS portal and the same will be sent to the email id shared by you.

Step 2
Forward the CAS. You will need to forward the CAS (received as PDF from CAMS) to While forwarding the same, do ensure that PDF received from CAMS is present as an attachment with the mail. The email from CAMS will look like the below image

You are now all set to track all your mutual funds on NiyoX.

In case you have multiple email ids linked to different mutual funds, you can import your funds from all of them on NiyoX.


Once if I imported to Niyo , can I close the other brokerage or securities Account, If I do so can I loose my investments. Please let me know about this.

Hi Amar,

Yes if you have imported your Mutual Funds on Niyo then you can choose to close your Mutual Funds account.

Even if you close any account, your investments are still safe and held with Mutual Fund companies directly in your name. So they’ll not be lost and you can access them anytime from the Mutual Fund companies’ website as well.

However if your mutual funds are held in Demat format then I’d recommend not closing your demat account without converting them to Remat format which your brokers should easily do. This is because, to trade Mutual fund units in demat, you’ll need a demat account which we don’t have for Mutual Funds. Once they are converted to Remat you can easily transact in them through NiyoX.

I’m holding my mutual funds in hdfc securities . I want to close demat account and trading account in hdfc. So I have imported them to Niyo.

Got it. I’d request you to reach out to HDFC Securities in that case to convert your investments from Demat to Remat. Once that is done, you can transact in these funds through NiyoX.

Without doing this process, unfortunately transacting through NiyoX is not possible because we don’t deal with Demat accounts for Mutual Funds.

I have received CAS report on my email. I had given the request on Niyo App. Now, there is no information about the password to open this document. Can you please let me know…

The Default Password For the CAS report generated from Niyox is : Niyo123