Tools Widget: Accelerating Banking for You!✔️

Hey all,

NiyoX is all about making your digital banking experience quick and simple. Here’s yet another change in your app that’ll smoothen your experience!
All the nifty features have been put together as Tools right on your home screen so you can get things done quickly within your NiyoX app.

  1. :atm: ATM Locator : This new feature on your app can help you locate nearby ATMs and navigate to them effortlessly. It is especially helpful if you are travelling abroad and need to withdraw cash in local currency.

  2. :currency_exchange: Currency Converter : This is yet another new feature that’ll allow you to choose between 100+ currencies and convert between currencies at latest exchange rate. This, along with the Zero Forex mark-up on your NiyoX debit card, has got you all covered for your next international transaction!

However, note that the final transaction value depends on the currency rate on the day when the bank settles the transaction.

  1. :chart: Interest Calculator : With this tool, you’ll be able to calculate the interest you can earn on any given balance amount for any time period. So, no more guessing how you can make the most of your NiyoX high-interest savings account.

  2. :coin: Invest The Change (ITC) : It takes you directly to your ITC dashboard that lets you track your progress, make investments, and manage them. For starters, ITC allows you to round up all your spending made with NiyoX account to the next 10, 50, or 100 rupees and save the spare change. The moment the accumulated change reaches the ₹100 mark, it can be automatically invested in a mutual fund of your choice.

You can also find the Tools section in the menu.

Your toolkit is the shortcut to getting things done quickly.


Team Niyo