Too much delay in delivering the debit card

Hello team, My full kyc was done on 23rd July. When I checked card details section at that time the expected delivery date mentioned was 11th August , then I checked again the next day the expected date was suddenly forwarded to 16th August, again the following day I checked the date was 17th August

Now it is saying it will be delivered on or before 18th August. What I am trying to say is that delivery of debit card shouldn’t take 18 days to deliver plus my full kyc was done on 23rd July but today I checked the Niyox app I got my kyc successfully completed on 28th July , you take 5 days to update my kyc status ? Seriously this much delay ? First the delay in completing my full kyc and now delay in delivering the debit card. I didn’t even recieved the tracking details of my debit card.I am seriously running out of patience.

Please solve this issue asap at your convenience.

Hi @Himanshu_Ingulkar ,

Sorry for the hiccup, we are looking into it for you. We shall update you soon on this.


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