This is the final request, let us know when you are bringing dark mode?

I m using the app since last 3 years and have been a loyal customer, I have requested many times about dark mode but it is ignored, I m using Paytm money and really love it.
I am planning to shift my whole portfolio from here to there, let me know if dark mode will be made available or not. I will shift it if this app is not updated with new features

It really is difficult to understand why this app is not updated with new features as others

Kindly reply to this

Hi Shivprakash, thanks for reaching out and for having been a long time user of Niyo Money/Goalwise. While we would love to support dark mode but unfortunately it is not in our roadmap for the next couple of quarters. :frowning:
Hopefully till then, we are making up for it by providing you the goal-based investing features that are not there in other investment apps.

Well to be honest , there is app by Motilal Oswal group called glide invest which is modern and works just like Niyo money and much better I would say , it’s constantly updated and looks like just what I wanted .
Glide path is also available in it , also goal based planning , I would request u all to try it out and add some feature to our Niyo money app also
Kindly add atleast wishlist feature in Niyo money it’s still not available

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