Think twice before opt any product from niyo like NiyoX account. #beware


Writing this with very heavy heart, I am really very much disappointed with the professionalization of Niyo.

The way they are marketing the NiyoX now had also promoted their 1st banking product Niyo IDFC Bank Savings account.
And we have opened an account in Niyo IDFC bank by showing the trust to this fintech company.

Now Niyo has started a new collaboration with Equitas Small Finance Bank which we are too appreciating but at the same time Niyo management has totally ignoring/avoiding/neglecting their previous customer who has shown trust on them when they are not big.
We understand something might have gone wrong between Niyo & IDFC BANK But its totally unfair the behavior to their old customer associated with Niyo IDFC bank.
There are many bugs in the Niyo IDFC bank app from long time ex. In Cards. No fix is getting provided. etc etc.
If again anything goes between Niyo & Equitas then again the same behavior will be shown to us.
How can we trust you guys as a company or Bank or service provider.
Your behavior is scary too.

Why i am writing to this because i am really very much disappointed by your representatives approach whoever are responding us through email, call, Whatsapp chat or here in this community. The tone has changed.

I was planning to write it before and know the status of ours account but just got delayed. But today i got the solid reason to proof whatever i have written above.

The incident is:
I have requested multiple time to complete the KYC for my Niyo IDFC bank. But no-one responded properly, I have provided my convenient date / time as well but no body called me or visited my place.
Again i have raised the issue from Niyo IDFC app, whatsapp they said on whatsapp “We have escalated the KYC request to sales team, they will get in touch with you” But no one called.

And 3 days back i have received an email which says “Unfortunately, for KYC, we are currently serviceable only in cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Cochin. Hence, there is a delay.”
I felt sad but what to do. Please check the email attachment.

Now listen the interesting part,
I had opened an account with NiyoX so i have yesterday requested for kyc and imagine today the the Ecom guy has visited to my place and KYC has been completed.

How is this happened? I am not in any of these cities Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Cochin. or any other big city.

I don’t know what to do, Its really unfortunate to see this approach. Trust and service is everything in this competitive market.
If anythings goes wrong which if affecting your customer kindly take the proper steps to address them, not just start neglecting.

Please find the attachment.


Hey Abhas! It’s always important for us at Niyo to tend to our customers’ needs as much as possible. We’re very sorry that we couldn’t deliver what you expected.
While we are looking at this, we are also arranging a call back right away from our team to ensure that we clear this out with you. LK

Hi Abhash! It was a pleasure talking to you today. As discussed we should have your issue resolved this week itself. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience that you had to face and very much appreciate your feedback on this matter. TV

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Hello Tushar,
Thank you for your prompt response. Appreciated.

Hi Abhash,
We see that your KYC was completed on 24th April. Please do let us know if you have any further queries. Thank You for your time.

Hello Tushar,
Thank you for your prompt help, my KYC has been completed within couple of days.
I am happy with the response & follow up taken by the Niyo team to resolve my issue.

All the very best & congratulations for your new as well as upcoming products.

Abhash :slight_smile:

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