THE USUAL, Niyo global onboarding issue

hello, I had tried to create a niyo global account almost a year ago and due to your infamous CKYC issue/bug i eventually had to let go of the plan. Now, however giving that a second shot, i see my old invalid phone number is still linked to my pan and hence the app doesn’t allow me to proceed further with registration, provided i have updated my CKYC data with the new number via Niyo MONEY.

When one of you platforms i.e Niyo money has already updated my number alongside with the Central repository CKYC, why do NiyoX and Niyo Global(where i haven’t even made an account yet) have still linked my old number to my PAN?

Neither you fix it from your end nor give an option to the customers to do it by themselves. If this is how it goes, it’ll be easy to avoid Niyo products with the minutest interest left to continue. Please fix the issue ASAP.

Hello @Pratyush_kt! Please allow us some time so that we can check about your concern with our team and get back to you as soon as possible. -WB