The initial deposit of Rs 10000 is not reflecting in the account

I deposited Rs 10000 during account creation. My account has been created but the account balance says Rs 0. How long will it take to reflect?

It usually happens immediately. Please raise a ticket over whatsapp.

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I have raised ticket and also contacted whatsapp support, both are saying it will take up to 2 business days for the amount to be credited.

Mine got credited within 48 hours.

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Hey Naved! Welcome to the Niyo Community! Our sincere apologies for the hassle. The amount will be credited to your account shortly. LK

It just got credited a while back.

Also, I am informed that my city is not serviceable for full KYC. I don’t really understand why was my account even opened if the city was not serviceable…

Right now our serviceability is limited only to certain locations due to which we are unable to complete the biometric for customers such as yourselves. However, as the account opening doesn’t need any physical intervention, it was opened for you through the app. Please note that you should still be able to operate the account directly through the app. LK

I have decided not to use this non full KYC account and I prefer to open a regular IDFC account. Is closing this account only option or can I get the same upgraded to regular IDFC bank account?

We won’t have an option to upgrade your account. LK

Ok. going to visit IDFC branch tomorrow to close this account and then open a new account with them.

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