The Brand New IDFC App is now live!

Dear Community Members,

I am a Product Manager at Niyo and we’re excited to announce that your Niyo IDFC FIRST Bank Savings Account has a new home!
Rest assured, all the features and functionalities that you have come to love will be in the new app as well. All you need to do is download the new app, and log in!

Have any questions? We’ll answer a few right here:

Why is there a new Niyo IDFC App?
Previously, we were hosting two separate products in a single app. This separation will ensure that each product has an app dedicated especially to it.

Is it mandatory to download the new Niyo IDFC App?
Yes, this will soon be the only way you can continue using your account. After 2020-12-14T18:30:00Z, you will no longer be able to use the current app to access your account on the old app.

Do I need to create a new login for the new app?
No, you can use the same phone number and login passcode you used in the old app.

Once I’ve logged in to the new Niyo IDFC app, will I be able to use the old app?
No, you won’t be able to log in to the old app.

Will all of my app and account related details stay the same on the new app?
Yes. Everything from the payees you’ve added to your transaction history, will be available as they were. Any specific app settings that you turned on or off, will also remain as they were.

If there’s anything else we can help clarify, reply on this thread!


The app is not as smooth as niyo app. I mean the animation part. Please fix that to enhance the customer experience as I felt myself more comfortable in old app as it was seemless.


So how to access Niyo DCB Global account?

Existing app is for DCB & New app is for IDFC? is that the change?

Thats amazing ! Will soon share the experience , hope it won’t disappoint and exceeds the expectations.

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You are right . Your current niyo app will be converted to niyo global after updating it.

Okay! Thanks for the confirmation.

This is a good idea, I have both and it was a pain to log in, I guess with both separate, fingerprints can simply work.

For Niyo Global DCB, can you make logging in and changing pins easier?
It does not let me repeat pins and gives an error most of the times.

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Hey Mudit! Welcome back to Niyo community. We are delighted to know that you like the idea of app separation. With respect to the Niyo Global app, for added security, frequently used, easily predictable & earlier used passwords can’t be used again. Please use a unique combination of digits and there will be no problem in resetting the app password. SR

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Ever since the launch of the new niyo idfc app,
I’m unable to do any transfer from my niyo account to another account. None of the transfer methods works.

Kindly look into this and resolve this issue ASAP,please.

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Same issue. Neither I can add funds nor send.

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I’m.not able to use my funds, neither can transfer nor receive any on the new app… Need immediate resolution on this !

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Hey Tousif! Can you please confirm if the issue still persists or are the fund transfers working properly? LK


Yes, I’m still facing issues while initiating transfers though now it’s intermittent. There is something broken/glitches in the new app which causes lags and server issues while requesting for a transfer.


Hey Tousif! Thank you for sharing the feedback. We have shared this with the team and we are working closely to ensure that these glitches should not hamper your experience. Your feedback helps us ensure that we are on the right track. We hope to serve you better as we go. LK